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Church Giving Trak helps churches efficiently track their
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Product Features

View fund status with ease with dashboard

(Screenshot - Dashboard page

The dashboard view allows account managers to stay current on the weekly activity of each fund in your ledger at a glance. A summary of the general information of each fund is provided automatically allowing you to easily spot trends or provide a general report on demand. The dashboard includes a visual overview of the weekly contributions to each of the funds you have created in your account. It also proves the current balance of each fund and the percentage of the yearly goal currently reached in that fund.

Rapid donation entry

(Screenshot - Donations page

CGT makes tracking donations and updating funds easy. Individual donations can be quickly and securely entered from any device with web access. Details can be entered by either individual members or by a specific fund. Simple clicks, search options, keyboard only entry and quick edit features allow regular data entry tasks to happen quickly and smoothly as they are received and reviewed as they are entered. Simplifying the data entry process allows your financial records to be accurately and efficiently maintained so you can maximize security and transparency around the donations given to your church.

Effortlessly generate reports and send giving statements

Screenshot - Reports page

CGT allows for several reporting options making it even easier for members to stay informed of their giving and updated on the finances of your church. The focus and scope of the report can be easily set (by specific fund and specific time frames) allowing for effortless and up-to-date reporting for committees, groups, or individuals responsible for oversight of specific areas of church finance. Legal receipts for personal giving can be generated for individual members with a click of a button and either printed or emailed to your members.

Secure databases to keep your data safe

(Screenshot - Login page

Church Giving Trak is committed to keeping your financial information secure. We use the latest in internet safety protocols to protect the information in your databases. The site contains the latest in SSL certification that includes data encryption. This allows any device accessing your account to authenticate the CGT site and prevent any additional party or prying eye from seeing that information elsewhere on the internet.

Integrated Online Donations through

(Screenshot - Online Donations Add Page

CGT promotes stewardship and kingdom causes through online giving. Your members can enjoy the convenience of online giving while retaining full control over their giving preferences and profile. Members can set up one-time or recurring donations to the fund of their choice and manage credit, debit, or checking account information as needed. Our partnership with PaymentSpring allows your church to accept online payments at some of the lowest rates in the market. This keeps more of the online donation in your church. In addition, this organization donates part of those fees to hunger relief organizations around the world.