Church Giving Trak

CGT makes it easy for you to keep records of your per-member giving, and helps you keep track of your funds.

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How Can Church Giving Trak Help You?

We help your church by tracking and organizing your donations

Save time and effort

All donations are tracked in one place and can be easily sorted to a variety of funds. Even the most complex donations can be managed quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks.

A variety of reporting options allow specific funds to be easily reviewed and individual donors to stay informed of their giving by either print or email.

(Screenshot: Donations entry page)

Keep church members in the loop

A variety of donation reports for individual users or groups of users can be quickly and easily printed or emailed making monthly, year to date, or even end of year statements an effortless task.

Additionally, individual users can track their own giving history after setting up an account for online giving.

Accessible anywhere

Church Giving Trak’s responsive design allows account managers and individual users to track and manage giving from their computer, tablet, or phone.

This secure, web-based program allows both managers and donors to complete tasks and review the latest information at any time from any device with internet access.

(Screenshots: Dashboard page)

Integrated Online Donations with PaymentSpring

PaymentSpring allows churches to accept credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks from church members and deposits funds automatically into their bank accounts.

We chose to partner with PaymentSpring to support the online giving function of CGT because of their passion to serve ministries and because of their incredibly low rates. The executives at PaymentSpring recognize that low rates for churches equates to more money staying within Kingdom causes.

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