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Donation Tracking Software

  • Average Weekly Attendance Annual Service Fee
  • 0-99$150
  • 100-199$225
  • 200-399$275
  • 400-699$325
  • 700-999$375
  • 1000+Contact Us
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Integrated Online Donations with PaymentSpring

PaymentSpring allows churches to accept credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks from church members and deposits funds automatically into their bank accounts. We chose to partner with PaymentSpring because of their low rates and their commitment to customer service. The executives at PaymentSpring recognize that low rates for churches equates to more money staying within kingdom causes.

PaymentSpring Rates

  • Startup fee: None
  • Monthly minimum: None
  • Monthly fee for online payments: $10.00
  • e-check: 0% + 19¢ / transaction
  • Debit cards: 1.79% + 19¢ / transaction
  • Credit cards: 1.99% + 19¢ / transaction
  • Non-qualified cards: 2.99% + 19¢ / transaction

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